Bliss, freedom, expansionWelcome to Choose Bliss Now  - a place to discover, or remember, what you know about feeling really really good!

In service of taking you deeper, to what really matters, living a Soul-full life where the energies of Love, Sex and Spirit are aligned and harmonious. This can be done by slowing down, returning to the simplicity and joy of Being.

We create the space and time and share the tools its up to you to put yourself IN! 

Do you feel stressed? Do you want to experience more simple bodily pleasure? Are you feeling constricted in your energy and emotions? Are you struggling to connect to yourself and gain insight into what you really want from life? Do you want more confidence with the opposite sex and in love-making?

Here we remind you that you can always decide to make things at least a little bit easier, or more pleasureable.


Experience bodily delights and learn principles and practices to help you:

Whether you're into personal coaching sessions, Tantra workshops, massage or energy healing, we have something to soothe the soul and lighten the spirit - see the links on the left hand side for details.

It all begins with a decision. You CAN choose a different way, a new way. You can CHOOSE BLISS NOW


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You CAN Choose Bliss Now

Remember you CAN Choose Bliss Now!

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